The famous Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, socialite, and big name beautician, Toyin Lawani is presently confronting social media reaction subsequent to posting photographs of herself in a questionable controversial and provocative nun outfit.

She has gone under exceptional criticism for her choice of outfit to the premier of the movie, the prophetess, on Sunday, March 28th.

The clothing standard for the premiere of the movie was church workers outfits, and Toyin Lawani didn’t leave anything to our minds when she wore a questionable, high cut and indecent nun outfit with some fella.

The socialite had taken to her Instagram page to post the sassy photographs alongside her photographic artist who also acted like a prophet to the premiere

Toyin Lawani’s nun outfit was considered impolite to the Christian faith and a portion of her followers waste no time in berating her, adding that she would not dare attempt such with the Muslim Hijab.

Her stylist was fully prepared to defend her on Instagram as she handled a portion of the comments with her own answers.

Here’s the comments:

Toyin Lawani nun outfit at the premiere of the prophetess

Reactions to Toyin Lawani nun outfit at the premiere of the prophetess

Reactions to Toyin Lawani nun outfit at the premiere of the prophetess


Her critics say she purposefully assaulted the Catholic sisters, in this way offending the Christian religion as a whole with the outfit.

There has been a  quiet a number of reactions about on Twitter also.

Below are some of the tweets from some Twitter users:

Toyin Lawani has always thrived on controversy. No be today. Na to dey ignore her useless antics.


This is not her first time of disrespecting religion, she did same with Hijab for a fragrance brand some years ago too. I think we all agreed she’s a fashion goddess😂


I think I’m the only one that loves this her outfit to the movie premier #TheProphetess 😫😫😫


Toyin has always been extra… Annoyingly extra sometimes! but I love her😂😂😂😂💕💕💕💕


That cloth nah rubbish sha, when una go open her file dear twitter people 🥴🥴


Without controversy who would know this so called toyin Lawani. Controversy makes her cum. Ignore her dumb ass y’all

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She just dressed like a Monk for a shoot and e no make sense


I’ve not seen anybody dress like a Muslim Cleric or Mohammed for a Photo shoot (don’t even know if there’s a pictorial rep like that for Christianity), so why will these so called celebrities always dress like a sect under Christianity most especially the Roman Catholic?

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What is she trying to prove with this outfit?


Without mincing words, her outfit is so disrespectful and demeaning. Madness everywhere

Here are some pictures

Toyin Lawani nun outfit



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