Twitterban is trending online now as the federal Government has decided to get Twitter blocked in Nigeria. This happens because the giant micro blogging platform removed Buhari’s tweet for violation of its rules.

This action does not go well with The Nigerian government and it has accused Twitter of having bad intensions and supporting enemies who are always against the peace of Nigeria.

According to information minister, Lai Muhammed, Twitter will be blocked in Nigeria because it let’s people like Nnamdi Kanu and other secessionist to freely say whatever they choose to but witch hunt the government and takes its tweet down.

FG has directed NBC to immediately commence the process to get Twitterban Twitter blocked in Nigeria and licensing all OTT and social media operations.

As of now, Twitter in Nigeria is been officially blocked and is no longer working either through the app or browser except with the use of VPNs.

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@AmnestyNigeria has strongly condemned the move by the government and called on Buhari’s administration to immediately reverse the twitterban.

“Amnesty International condemns the Nigerian government’s suspension and blockage of Twitter in Nigeria 🇳🇬 — a social media widely used by Nigerians to exercise their human rights, including their rights to freedom of expression and access to information. TwitterBan

We call on the Nigerian authorities to immediately reverse the unlawful blocking and other plans to gag the media, repress the civic space, and undermine Nigerians’ human rights.

This action is clearly inconsistent and incompatible with Nigeria’s international obligations including under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.”

Speaking on Twitter being blocked in Nigeria (Twitterban), Femi Falana SAN said that suspension of Twitter by President Buhari is the same as suspending Chapter IV Of The Constitution.

According to @Swedinnigeria, “Nigerians have a constitutional right to exercise their freedom of expression and a right to access of information. This must be respected. Safeguarding free, independent media and civic spaces for democratic voices is an important part of Sweden’s TwitterBan”

@NicolasJSimard also tweeted

“Freedom of speech, used responsibly online and off line, and access to reliable information are fundamental human rights protected by Nigeria’s constitution and a cornerstone of democratic life around the world.

These Human Rights should be fully protected, while preventing inflammatory rhetoric and hate speech that could fuel tension and conflict. Twitter blocked Nigeria

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