Ever since the viral dog video on Tiktok, people have been asking to know who is Veegodess boyfriend? What is his real phone number? What is his address?

Recall that a lady, identified as Veegodess openly confessed to have slept with dog for 1.7 million Naira but after hot backlash from Nigerians she recant her words.

In the video she claimed that she was only catching cruise. She asked Nigerians to please forgive her and also help her beg her boyfriend.

She says, “please guys my boyfriend just broke up with me. Please help me beg my boyfriend. I didn’t sleep with any dog. I was only catching cruise”.

You can watch her apology video here: Lady who slept with dog for 1.5 million in lagos Nigeria video

Concerned Nigerian want to have her boyfriend contact (phone number) or real name so they can help Veegodess apologize to her and hopefully help them come back together.

After all, no one is without sin.

We have tried to find out Veegodess boyfriend contact and real name but up till this moment we’re not certain of these info.

We will keep searching and if we find his real name we will let you know.

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