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Latest MTN NG Promo Code Free 2GB Data Cheat For 2021

MTN NG Promo Code Free 2GB Data, hello viewers I hope you all stay safe wherever you are? We’ve been loving something natural about MTN Nigeria for a while now, and I think it’s time for us to enjoy this new cheat while it lasts.

MTN NG Promo Code Free 2GB Data

Mtn is here again for everyone with free data! While we have had some free browsing tips from mtn for quite a while now, they are definitely one of the top free browsing tips. A lot of people use mtn, so this cheat may not sound new to you, but if you haven’t used it, brace yourself for a massive amount of knowledge that can even be gathered.

Requirements MTN NG Promo Code Free 2GB Data

  • Sms bomber android app
  • MTN NG 
  • Android device 

How To Activate MTN Promo Code Free 2GB Data 

  • Goto sms and send 123754689s OR 314587629s to 460 [code have been updated]
  • You might receive a response like “Oops, activation of Redeem Promotional Code plan was not successful.”
  • Now, check your data balance by dialing *131*4#. You should see your accumulated MTN Promo code data smiling at you. 

How to use Sms bomber android app.

Download sms Bomber from Google play store or( Here file have be updated) to make the accumulation process more easier,and save d stress broas you can send multiple messages at once with this app.
  • First of all, set your text message to SIM 1 or SIM 2 only (depending on which SIM you are using for this cheat)
  • Open sms bomber app and put the code you got from Entclass Blog and the short code number to send it to
  • Now select 50 as # of text – NO delay
  • Then press Send.
  • Watch the app do its work. Then check your data balance after 2mins
  • Make sure you follow our simple guide. 
    MTN NG Promo Code Free 2GB Data And Accumulate Upto 346GB Cheat
    MTN NG Promo Code Free 2GB Data And Accumulate Upto 346GB Cheat

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Source: Webloaded Tech – Free Browsing and Android Tricks

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