Why I never celebrated any birthday as a child – Bella Ebinum

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Why I never celebrated any birthday as a child – Bella Ebinum

Fair and beautiful Nollywood actress, Mabel Abel better known as Bella Ebinum never celebrated her birthday for once as a child.

In fact, the Delta State-born script interpreter doesn’t attach any importance to birthday celebrations unlike her colleagues in the industry.

“I see every birthday as a reminder that I am favored and blessed because not all my mates make it to their next birthday date. Although I am not particular about birthdays because of my upbringing; growing up as a Jehovah Witness, my parents never attached any importance to birthdays. I never celebrated my birthday for once when growing up. But as I grow older, I learned to appreciate the importance of birthday. To be alive to see another year is not an easy achievement.  So each birthday gives me hope and fulfillment that God loves and cares for me. In as much that I do not attach importance to birthdays, one way or the other I just try to make people around me happy even if do not do it in a grand style I just make sure that day I put a smile on people faces,” she told Saturday Sun.

Having such strict parents didn’t deter Bella Ebinum from fulfilling her dreams of becoming a movie star.

She also recalled how her parents got wind of her chosen career, “They never saw it coming because I went for NYSC, so they didn’t know what else I was doing. As Jehovah Witnesses, they do not have time for Social media. They only got to find out when my father’s friend in the USA called to tell him that he just watched me movie on YouTube that he was proud of me. That was how they got to find out and later gave me their support.”

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Source: Why I never celebrated any birthday as a child – Bella Ebinum

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