Pastor Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Films International, has revealed why many Christian ladies of today are still single.

He shared on his Instagram page that many ladies experience delayed in getting engaged because they did not stick to God’s choice for them.

He said that those ladies instead set themselves up for carnal and ungodly standards that God’s choice man for them cannot meet.

He added that though God may want some people to still wait a little bit more, the delay many ladies experience is their fault.

“These set of women have refused to discern when God’s choice shows up in their lives.

“Some of them can never figure out when they meet a man God has for them because they have set for themselves unGodly and carnal standards that God’s choice cannot meet,” he said.

Here are some responses to the Instagram post (Why some Christian ladies are still single) by pastor Mike Bamiloye

  • Time to run back to the secret place of prayer and reclaim lost opportunities. Our God as a compassionate God is waiting to hear from you. it’s not too late! He can turn your story around! Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest! Matthew 11:28 #HappyEaster
  • Thank you for this Daddy but peradventure someone has made some mistake in the past about discerning or accepting God’s choice for him or her, is there any way out? Does God give second chances? Can it make someone to become stagnant in life or in his or her walk with God?
  • It was because most sisters want have their own private jet and they cannot wait or be with up coming food again, they only wants ready made food to consume
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Meanwhile the same Cleric before sharing why some Christian ladies are still single had posted a question a previous day about guys proposing marriage to multiple ladies without waiting for response from the first ones.

“Some Brothers Proposed to A Sister, and Without Waiting for an Answer, gone Ahead to Propose to About 3, 4,5, or 6 Sisters Without Waiting Upon the LORD or Waiting for An Answer. What Do You Think Is The Brother’s Problem? Or Is It The Sisters That Have Problems?”

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What can you say to this?

Why do you think is the reason Why some Christian ladies are still single?


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