Why Technology Should Be Integrated Into Classroom…

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Why Technology Should Be Integrated Into Classroom…

The proprietor of Victory Nursery and Primary School, Ilorin, Mr. Olumide Afolabi, has advocated the use of advanced technology to tackle examination malpractice in Nigeria.

Afolabi made the call in Ilorin on Thursday during an interview with the press.

 According to him, examination malpractice can be reduced if given special attention and with the use of advanced technology.

“With the use of technology, we can end examination malpractice in our academic environments.

“It is very common in both internal and external examinations which are gradually killing the standard of education in the country.

“There are enough security cameras that can be used in examination halls like CCTV camera, face recognition camera, fingerprint machine and other advanced equipment to monitor exam cheats.

“Education stakeholders and government at all levels must invest in technology to help reduce the rate of exam malpractices in our education system,” he said.

The proprietor, however, advised against reliance on physical and manual search inside examination halls; recommending the need for use of trackers and machines inside the examination hall.

“Most of the students now rely on cheating during an examination to pass. They don’t bother to read their books and do critical research.

“It must be stopped. We cannot be pretending all is well when we know the system has failed. Let us use technology to stop exam malpractices,” he said. 

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