Last Friday, there has been warnings by the Ogun State Police Command that Yoruba nation agitators should stay away from their planned mass rally in Abeokuta.

Yet the Yoruba nation agitators have defiled the ban placed on their rally and are presently in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state to make awareness for the Oduduwa Republic.

According to the reports we have gathered, the agitators, came to Abeokuta dressed in various local outfits, and marched through Ake palace to access other parts of the state capital.

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According to the group leader:

“we had spoken with the police. Nobody can stop us from walking freely on our fatherland.

That’s Alake’s palace, we are going there. They all know we are fighting their cause. They know we want to save them from the Fulanis.

Yorubas can plan a seven-day battle for seven years. What we are doing now is preparation. Just continue repeating that what we want is the Yoruba nation.

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Do not fight anybody. We are not criminals. We are not here to attack”. anybody. We did not come here with any weapons. What we want is a Yoruba nation.”

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