Yoruba Nation freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho, has blamed his agitation on the state of things in Nigeria.   Igboho said he would not h…


Yoruba Nation freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho, has blamed his
agitation on the state of things in Nigeria.


Igboho said he would not have embarked on agitation if the
Nigerian government had developed the country like the Benin Republic.


He noted that agitations would have been non-existent if the
Nigerian government had ensured the protection of Nigerians like the Benin
government had done with its citizens.


Igboho disclosed this during a conversation with the leader
of the Ilano Omo Oodua, Prof Banji Akintoye, and his deputy, Prof Wale Adeniran
in Cotonou, Benin Republic.


The freedom fighter insisted that security operatives in the
Benin Republic are not as corrupt as their Nigerian counterparts.


He said the current President of Benin Republic, Tallon, has
been able to ensure adequate security of his citizens, unlike the Nigerian


According to Igboho: “What was the cause of my coming out
and running around to go demand a better country?


“If Nigeria were to be like the Benin Republic of today,
what would have made me come out? If our country, Nigeria were like Benin, I
would have no reason to agitate because there’s nothing that I want, that God
hasn’t given me.


“I have been visiting Benin Republic since 1996; at that
time, the police were always at checkpoints collecting bribes from motorists,
but when the incumbent President got into power, he eradicated the act.


“In those days, although numerous police officers were
always on the streets, stealing and killings were prevalent, but the new
President brought that to a halt, and he made a law that DPOs would be held
accountable for the actions of thieves operating within their jurisdictions.


“He increased the salary of the police personnel. Benin
Republic police officers are paid three times more than Nigerian police
officers. There are no more police checkpoints here in Benin, and no matter how
far you travel, you’ll not be accosted by thieves on the highway.”


Stressing that the Benin Republic has not experienced a
blackout or lacked water for “seven months,” he said the President investigates
projects himself.


“If we have such a government in Nigeria, no one will
agitate. Citizens will be happy in a country where the government provides
stable power supply, adequate security, and adequate water supply, because that
is a good government,” he said.


The Yoruba Nation agitator has been incarcerated since last
year in Cotonou, Benin Republic.


Security operatives picked up Igboho at an airport in
Cotonou while attempting to travel to Germany.


He had fled Nigeria to Cotonou after the Department of State
Services, DSS, declared him wanted.

Source: Yoruba Nation: Real reasons behind my agitation – Sunday Igboho speaks from Benin Republic

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