Zedvance loan, how to borrow money from Zedvance app

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Need to know about Zedvance loan? How can you borrow money from their app? What’s their interest rate and ussd code?

In this post, all questions are answered.

It isn’t always easy to receive a instant loan online in Nigeria. It might be a tedious task to get a loan.

There are several requirements that must be met. You will need to complete forms and run cross-checks.

Why is this so is because no one wants to find oneself in a position where they have to lend money and not get it back. This is a vital truth about business.

However, it’s not always have to be hard

This article will show you how to obtain loans from a Zedvance without much stress.

About Zedvance Loan

There are many loan providers out there, but it is tough to discern between them all. Many promise to give the same same service. Zedvance stands out. They offers amazing loan services with low interest rates and no collateral.

How to borrow money from Zedvance

Now the question is how can you borrow money from Zedvance app or site?

The process is straightforward.

  • Visit Google play and install Zedvance app
  • Alternatively, you can visit their website at zedvance.com
  • Register as a new user
  • Request for a new loan and fill the loan form with correct information
  • Add your bank account
  • Wait for approval
  • When approved, the money will go straight into your bank account

Zedvance interest rate

The interest rates on Zedvance loans range from 12 to 45 percent. The higher the loan the lower the interest and the longer the terms, that is the loan period.

Zedvance Loan Requirement

These are the prerequisites for obtaining a Zedvance loan.

Bank Authentication number (BVN)
You must have a paid position.
Your age should range from 22 to 55 years old.
A salary account must be active.
1 Passport Photograph An identifying document, such as an International Passport or Driver’s License, that can be used to identify you.
Six-monthly updated salary account statements
Employee Identification Card Employment Letter NUBAN Cheques and Direct Debit Authorization
If you are a freelancer, an unconfirmed employee, or a contractor, you may need a guarantor.

Both pros and cons

Every single thing has both good side and the bad.

Side effects are always present with any effect.

It’s the same with Zedvance loan.

The Pros

There are loans with large limits available.

They could provide you with a large sum of money.

Zedvance makes obtaining a high loan amount from other credit facilities significantly simpler.

It is nearly natural.

Your loan can be granted rapidly, which is far faster than normal.

This indicates that you will receive your loan as soon as possible.

The Cons

Nationwide operations of The Zedvance are extremely limited.

Currently, it is only available in Lagos. Therefore, candidates from other states and their applications are invalid.

It is too difficult to get approved

The application procedure is lengthy and paper-intensive. It can get annoying.

You will need to provide employment verification.


If you live in Lagos, Zedvance loan is a good option whenever you need to borrow money online. However, let not forget that you should only take loan that you can pay back. This is so important so as not to get into problems

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